Multi Phased Tower Mixed Used Residential Development

: Ascent One Properties
Project Architect
: Wayne Bissky
: Maple Ridge, BC
Site Area
: 4,451.9 m2 47,920 SF
: 755 Units / Hectare 307 Units / Acre
Gross Commercial Area
: 3,791.7 m2 40,814 SF
No. Residential Units
: 336
Gross Residential Area
: 31,392.7 m2 337,908 SF

Scope of Work

4 Buildings of 6, 13, 19, & 18 Storeys

While employed at Bissky Architecture, John worked directly under the supervision of the architect Wayne Bissky through the development process taking two separate rezoning applications to third reading with city council. The applications are currently waiting to proceed to final adoption of the bylaws.

John had various responsibilities throughout the project. During the development process, he was tasked with digitizing the floor plans, sections, elevations, & renderings for submission into the city. The digital model was drawn in Vectorworks, while the renderings were completed in Artlantis. John was tasked with completing all drawings for submission.