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I am a firm believer in doing it right the first time.

home draftingOur home drafting services are tailored to your specific needs and project demands, focused around meeting your deadlines.

Whether you are doing a renovation, home addition or building a new custom home, an effective plan is essential to a successful endeavour, regardless of the budget.

By always holding your vision as the foundation of your project, we will guide you through the design process while sharing various options along the way in a collaborative environment to bring your dreams to reality.

Your Dream Home Begins Here.

We will help you get the ball rolling with your very own carefully-crafted plans from the technologists and designers at Thomas Drafting. You can be as involved, or as set apart from the design process as you wish.

Reach out today and contact us; we are always willing to share our knowledge. Something great can start today!

How can we Assist?

Your dream home is in our capable hands from start to finish. We understand how overwhelming searching for the right house can be and sometimes the hardest part is knowing how to start.

Finding needs and wants in your house is the first step. You may know exactly what you want, or you may have a general idea and need someone to transfer your ideas onto paper.

You will first sit down with our team to discuss the different styles of houses, plans and the multitude of options available to help you decide what you want.

Then, once you have your construction drawings you will be able to send it to tender and know you’re getting a realistic price. Since we work with many builders from various areas, we can provide several contractor recommendations that would be the right fit for your job.

Renovations and Home Additions

Whether you already know exactly what you want or have a general idea, we will listen to your ideas and needs and help transform your existing house into the home you’ve always wanted.

Sit with our team to review the different styles of houses, plans and other multitude of options available to help you decide what you want.

The construction plans that result are a crucial element in the beginning of your project as they allow for accurate pricing, prevent the “not my job”, or “I didn’t know” statements, and effectively solve most misunderstandings.
Although every project has its specific qualities, each project generally follows these steps:

  1. Initial design meeting and collaboration;
  2. Field measure or site survey;
  3. Preliminary design drawings;
  4. 3D Renderings and concept sketches;
  5. Modifications and design exploration;
  6. Approved preliminary plans;
  7. Construction drawings and coordination with engineers;
  8. Issued building permit drawings, schedules;
  9. Submit for a building permit application.

Our Services

Our home drafting services range from small renovations to large multi-family projects. A sampling of our home drafting services includes:

  • Secondary Suites
  • Lane Way houses
  • New Garage or Workshop
  • Various Additions
  • Various Renovations
  • Adding Another Storey
  • Stop Work Orders
  • Change of Use
  • Patios, Decks & Sunrooms
  • Custom Designs
  • Stock Designs

Contact us today to discuss your home project needs and see how we can assist.

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